Even the youngest children at Amelia's are eager to pitch in.
The Amelia Project would like to raise 1 million dollars over the next two years

Mama Amelia's dream has always been to have a children's village situated on farm land. With this arrangement, she would have plenty of space for all of her children and she could become entirely self-sufficient. Our vision for the farm would include:

  • Upgraded sleeping facilities
  • Upgraded kitchen facilities
  • Arts & Crafts Center
  • Recreation Hall/Sports Field
  • Pre-School
  • Classrooms
  • A Church
  • Fruit and Vegetable Garden
  • Livestock
  • Workshops for carpentry, woodworking, beadworking, sewing

Mama Amelia
For many years Mama Amelia has had to beg for food and rely completely on donations to sustain her children. She is involved in day-to-day crisis management worrying where their next food will come from or what happens if a child gets sick and needs medicine. She dreams of becoming self-sufficient and and of enabling the children to be so as well. She wants to teach the children the skills they need for their futures. She would also like to be able to have additional housing on the premises where the children she has raised can live while they work or continue on to school.

Most importantly, Mama Amelia worries about what will happen to all her children once she is no longer able to care for them. We would like to build the farm while Mama Amelia is still able to oversee its completion. We have not yet identified who will be able to take over for her, but having excellent facilities and a farm community up and running will make that transition easier.

The Amelia Project would like to raise 1 million dollars over the next two years to be able to purchase a farm and begin the building.

In addition to the farm, there are many other goals and needs at Mama Amelia's. Click HERE to help!

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