Wilson, age 10, at play in the common space outside.
Anything you can do to make the children's days a little easier would be much appreciated

The goal of The Amelia Project is to build Mama Amelia's Children's Village. She has been dreaming of this since she began in 1974 and we would like to help make this dream come true.

There are so many needs at Mama Amelia's. Anything you can do to make the children's days a little easier would be much appreciated. Because of the exchange rates, American dollars go a long way.

Here are some examples of how you can help:

One child's food for a day: $1.60 ($48 per month, $576 per year)

Mama Amelia has a pre-school for the younger children. They are always in need of supplies:

  • Paper/crayons: $20
  • Glue for crafts: $16
  • Paint for projects: $9

Schooling for children ages 5-18 is not free. The students must pay for both tuition and uniforms. Without a uniform, they may not attend school. Mama Amelia struggles each year to have tuition for the dozens of school-age children. Here are some of the costs:

Despite limited means and space, the children play together happily.

  • One child's school tuition for one year: $57
  • One child's school uniform: $10
  • Cheap school shoes: $16 a pair
  • Child's raincoat: $8-$16, depending on size

No donation is too small!

Along with the Children's Village, we would like to help provide educational opportunities for the children in the form of scholarships for universities or trade schools.

Also, if you have supplies that the children could use, whether it be clothing, books, school supplies, vitamins, please get in touch with us and we can arrange getting the goods to Mama Amelia.

At this time, donating funds for Amelia is best through my Amelia Project colleague, Celeste Wolfaardt through the International Anglican Church.

So, please make the check out to: IAC
In the memo portion, please write: Amelia's orphanage, South Africa

You can mail it to:

Celeste Wolfaardt
830 War Eagle Drive South
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

100% of all donations made to IAC and designated to Amelia's home are tax deductible. Money gets wired to a South African bank account where the home's volunteer physician and a small Board oversee the disbursements of the funds.

More about IAC's support of Amelia can be found at www.iac-cs.org/Missions.html

International Anglican Church

Additional questions? Please contact us:

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