Sipho, age 7.                   
We wanted to introduce you to just a few of Amelia's many wonderful children

Fikile, 16
Fikile has lived with Mama Amelia ever since he was a baby. Fikile is currently in high school and has aspirations of having a career in front of a camera! He would like to work for an entertainment or news television show where he can communicate with people and make them laugh.

Queenie, 12
Queenie has lived with Mama Amelia ever since she can remember. She enjoys school very much and participates in her school's choir and dancing classes. Queenie is very compassionate towards those around her. Her best friend at school is Anele, a classmate who was born without arms or legs and is bound to a wheelchair. Many of the students tease Anele, but Queenie always defends her and plays with her. Queenie has aspirations of having a big home like Mama Amelia where she can take in children who need a loving place to grow up.

Poppy, 14
Poppy was abandoned by her mother because she is albino, which was considered a disgrace in her family's community. She has been living at Mama Amelia's since she was little and loves to draw. Sometimes she has trouble at school because the children tease her about her appearance but she is so grateful to live in such a loving home where she is treated just like any normal kid. Poppy is very helpful and quick to assist if any of her siblings have a problem or questions. She also looks out for those around her at school. Frequently there are children at her school who don't have any money for a school lunch and have nothing to bring from home. Even though the lunch Poppy brings is usually modest, she usually shares whatever she has with children who have no food to eat. She hopes to be an artist or teacher when she is finished with school.

Anathi, 17
Anathi is almost finished with high school and is interested in careers in hospitality and tourism. An outstanding writer, she assists Mama Amelia with correspondence and thank-you letters for donations. She especially enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends.

Masi, 18
When a noted photographer came to Mama Amelia's to teach the children photography, Masi was a standout student. With a real eye for photography, Masi took some incredible photographs and was sorry when the class ended. He is looking forward to being a photographer for a magazine or newspaper some day. He would also like to start a similar home for children in need just like Mama Amelia.

Olwethu, 9
Olwethu is a leader amongst the younger boys. He is a big fan of sports and enjoys playing soccer and rugby. Jumping rope is another favorite pastime. He also loves having his picture taken!

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